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Feldman & Schneiderman is set apart by our empathy while guiding our clients through the legal process. Not every party to a family law case should look to hire the “shark” as his or her attorney. Likewise, not every party to a family law case should look for the “conciliator” who looks to negotiate every unreasonable demand by the other side. Our firm, with over 65 years of family law experience, knows how to settle cases that should be settled, and knows how to take cases to trial that must go to trial. Not every issue can be settled. In some matters, there must be a trial. We are not afraid of the courtroom and will vigorously pursue legitimate claims, while never forcing clients to go to trial. We view a “win” in a case as what achieves our client’s objectives for themselves and their families, not whether we go to court or not.

We are interested in winning for our clients, not for ourselves. Continue reading to learn more about our divorce attorneys in Boca Raton or call our firm at 561-392-4400 to schedule your initial case consultation.

Joel H. Feldman, Partner

Joel H. Feldman, raised in Kingston, New York, moved to Boca Raton in 1979, where he has practiced law for 40 years. His practice is largely focused on family law and litigation. He has received countless awards for pro bono service and belongs to a large number of professional associations. He is also admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia.


Audrey B. Schneiderman, Partner

Audrey B. Schneiderman, educated in Wisconsin and New Jersey, has been practicing law in South Florida since 1991. Her primary area of practice is family law, and her secondary areas of practice include estate planning and real estate.


Advocates for Clients Facing Difficult Times

Our role is to be an advocate for our clients, ensuring they have sufficient information to make intelligent decisions in negotiating a settlement. We strongly believe in the importance of clients trusting that their attorney has their best interests at heart and will tell them the “good” and the “bad” about their case and their positions. We will challenge a client if we believe the client is wrong and will do our utmost to ethically and responsibly pursue our client’s positions.

Our primary role as an advocate is to be a champion for our clients and often for their children as well. Contact Feldman & Schneiderman to learn more.

Champions for Our Clients and Their Children

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