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Establishing Fatherhood

Paternity is fatherhood. When you establish paternity, you identify the legal father of the child. Paternity gives rights and benefits to the mother, the father and the child. It is not enough to establish legal rights and obligations that you are the child’s natural father or that you are named on the child’s birth certificate. A natural father needs to establish that he is the “legal” father. An action for paternity is the means to do so.

Some of the rights and benefits for the child are:

  • Information on family medical history
  • The child will know the identity of his or her father
  • The father’s name is on the birth certificate
  • Health or life insurance coverage from either parent may be available
  • Support should come from both parents, like child support and medical support
  • Social Security or veteran’s benefits, military allowances and inheritances
  • The right to have an in-person relationship with the father.

Paternity gives both parents the legal right to:

  • A child support order
  • A court order for custody and timesharing
  • A say in all major decisions about the child, including medical decisions, educational needs, religious upbringing, and overall welfare of the child

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How Do I Establish Paternity for My Child?

Paternity is automatically established if the child is born to parties who are married to each other. The child is presumed to be “of the marriage” and the husband is presumed to be the father – even when he is not the natural father.

The attorneys of Feldman & Schneiderman have represented:

  • Unmarried mothers who wish to have the natural father determined to be the child’s legal father and who want to get child support for the child
  • Unmarried fathers who wish to establish their paternity and establish their custodial rights and obtain timesharing with the child
  • Husbands who do not believe they are the natural father of the child
  • Men who contend that they are the natural father of a child born to a married couple
  • Men believed to be the legal fathers who are not the natural fathers and wish to disestablish paternity

We at Feldman & Schneiderman have experience in paternity cases and in using DNA testing to support or refute paternity claims. When a man alleged to be the natural father refuses to cooperate in genetic testing, we obtain court orders compelling cooperation. We also see back child support, contribution to pre- and post-natal bills and attorney’s fees in paternity cases.

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