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Why You Need a Florida Child Support Lawyer

Dealing with a divorce can be a difficult time, and having children in the mix can make matters more complicated. Under the law, both parents must pay child support. However, how much each parent is liable for,will vary from case to case. This can be a complicated calculation and you need a qualified Florida child support lawyer to help guide you throughout this process. Having an experienced attorney for your child support case can help you:

Calculate child support: There are many factors that are considered to determine the amount, such as the amount of time the child spends with a parent, net income of each parent, taxes, education or daycare costs, medical bills, and more. There are also certain deductions that the court allows in this calculation, such as the kids’health insurance premium, daycare costs, child/spousal support for a prior marriage and so on. A lawyer can help you in factoring in all these requirements and understand the numbers clearly.

Fight your case: In many cases, both partners can come to an amicable agreement on child support. But in some cases, one or both spouse may refuse to agree on a fair amount. You will need an experienced Florida child support lawyer to represent you if your ex-spouse is not cooperative.

Ask for modifications: Circumstances can change, such as a change in income, expenses, or a sudden tragedy. If the amount has not been reviewed in the last three years, your lawyer can ask for a modification.