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What Your Divorce Lawyer Needs to Know About Your Property

Property distribution can become a heated dispute in a divorce case.Having a divorce attorney Boynton Beach represent you in court is in your best interest.There are some important details that you must disclose to your lawyer so that they can help to seek the most desirable outcome for your case. Some of these things include:

Expendable property. Inform your lawyer about what you absolutely must keep, what can be negotiated, and what you are willing to part with. This will ultimately help your lawyer when negotiating a property division.

Reveal all assets and properties held by you. You must be completely honest with your lawyer, even if you were less than honest with your spouse when disclosing the extent and value of properties held by you. The court may take punitive action against dishonesty in a marriage. Therefore, your lawyer needs to know in advance if he or she must prepare for these types of incidents.

Inform how the property was acquired and maintained. Were marital funds used in such transactions? Are there any liabilities? Is it to be taken as marital or non-marital property? Your divorce attorney Boynton Beach needs to know how to present the matter in court.