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Types of Florida Divorce

The only type of divorce available in Florida is absolute divorce. Within that context, there is another important distinction — fault versus no-fault (although Florida is a no-fault state). Then, there is the question of whether the dissolution of marriage is contested or uncontested. And, finally, there is the way in which an uncontested divorce is handled — most often either collaboratively or with mediation.

Here is some basic information about the types of divorce available in Florida:

  • Absolute divorce is permanent and permits remarriage, whereas limited divorce is temporary and does not allow remarriage.
  • Florida is a no-fault divorce state, but this does not mean that all Florida divorces are no-fault.
  • Fault-based grounds are not required, but can be relevant if the divorce is contested, and can influence alimony and custody issues.
  • The dissolution or breakdown of a marriage can be classified as contested or uncontested.

There is support that is not connected with the dissolution of marriage. This support is used when either party does not want divorce for various reasons (i.e. religious grounds) but there is a need for support. However, in this scenario, nothing prevents the other spouse from filing for divorce and terminating the marriage over the objection of the spouse not wanting it.