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What Should You Do if Your Ex-Spouse Won’t Pay Child Support

If your Florida child support lawyer helped you secure a favorable outcome for your child support settlement but your ex-spouse is not paying, there are legal steps that you can take to enforce your settlement.

First, notify the Clerk’s Office. If the payment is due after 15 days, the Office will send a Notice of Delinquency to your ex-spouse. If the amount is still not paid after 20 days, a judgment will be filed against the respondent. This acts as a lien against property owned by the respondent, your ex-spouse.

The Clerk’s Office can take other actions, such as Income Deduction Order and suspending the respondent’s Florida driver’s license. Through the Income Deduction Order, the court can order the respondent’s employer to deduct their child support payment from the respondent’s payroll.

You do not need an attorney to start this process;however, hiring a Florida child support lawyer is recommended. A lawyer will ensure that the case is handled with every legal aspect in mind.If your ex-spouse is not willing to make their payments, a lawyer can help you with the possibility of reopening your case.