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Sole Custody — Should You Look at Alternatives?

The courts rarely award sole custody in Florida. Usually, the court will grant joint custody with a time sharing agreement. If you want sole custody, you will need a divorce lawyer Boca Raton to help you prove that the other parent is dangerous, unreliable, and unfit to have custody of your child.

If you are awarded sole custody, here are items you can possibly expect:

  • Restricted overnight visits with the other parent.
  • Sole decision making. You will need very strong evidence to show frequent inconsistencies with the other parent.
  • Supervised visitation. Again, this is quite hard to obtain and is usually awarded when there is actual danger to the child.

Other options you can explore:

Dependency Court: This is where matters relating to children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned are addressed. Sole custody is usually awarded in these cases since the child’s safety is in danger.

Negotiate a parenting plan: The courts will accept an unconventional custody arrangement if it is part of a negotiated parenting plan. If you have any leverage on the other party, this may be the time to use it. A good divorce lawyer Boca Raton can help you draft something like this.