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Infographic: Understanding The Rights of an Unemployed Spouse in a Divorce

The Infographic below explains the rights that an unemployed spouse has in a Florida divorce case. These rights ensure that the interests of the dependent partner are protected with appropriate support from the financially independent spouse.

The Marital Property Laws in Florida divide marital property equally between the spouses in a divorce. When determining the amount of support in a divorce settlement, the courts take into account the length of marriage and the individual earnings of both parties.

Factors such as employment of both the spouses andchild supportare also considered when determining spousal support. If there is one spouse who is unemployed, the court might consider the working spouse to providetemporal support during the divorce case as well.

If you are going through a divorce, you may want to consider hiring  an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney to represent you.To learn more, check out the details of the infographic below.