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Four Types of Child Custody You Should Know About

There are primarily four types of child custodies in Florida. A Florida family law attorney will usually file under one of these categories in your case:

Shared Parental Responsibility: This type of arrangement is applied when the court finds that both parents are fit to raise the child. This is a joint custody where both parents are awarded joint legal and physical custody.

Physical custody:In physical child custody, the child lives with one parent or guardian for majority of the time and visits the other parent on an arranged schedule. In some cases, the time spent with both parents can be managed more evenly.

Sole custody: A single parent will have the sole custody of the child. This type of custody arrangement is awarded only if the court finds the other parent unfit to raise a child. However, the court will usually allow some means for the noncustodial parent to be involved in the child’s life.

Legal custody: One parent or guardian may have sole custody of the child, but when it comes to legal responsibilities, Florida often awards shared legal parental responsibility to both parents.

A Florida family law attorney can help you to understand your rights and which type of custody is best for your situation.