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Child Support Lawyers

If you and your partner are considering divorce and you have children, it is important to understand how that decision can affect your kids. Your children’swell-being must be top priority, so you and your partner will have to come up with a parenting plan that addresses how you and your spouse will share time with your children and how much child support a spouse will owe depending upon your respective incomes and timesharing. A Florida child support lawyer can help you with this process and assist in finding the best solutions.

Why hire a Florida child support lawyer?

A child support lawyer can be helpful in many ways.An attorney can help you:

  • Determine the right course of action: This may be an emotional time for you and your family. Your lawyer can help you understand your options and provide you with information that will help you make a well-informed decision.
  • Seek the custody of your child: While Florida courts usually favour shared parental responsibility, if there are specific circumstances that may justify a different custody relationship (such as limited timesharing or supervised timesharing), you need an experienced lawyer to help seek the most favorable outcome for you and your children.
  • Seek child support from your partner: You may be eligible toobtain child support from your partner. Your lawyer can help you with this process in determining the amount of child support and how to best ensure you will get the child support on time.
  • Explore and understand all your options: Your attorney has the knowledge and experience to know that there are multiple options you have for your situation. They can help you figure out what is the best route for you and your family.