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Things to Discuss with Your Family Law Attorney

A Florida family law attorney can help you with a wide range of legal matters. If you are going through a divorce,you can speak with your attorney regarding your settlement. Regardless of the outcome, you should discuss your situation thoroughly in the beginning. Complete honesty and transparency will help both of you. Understanding your case thoroughly will enable your lawyer to decide what legal approach is best for your situation.

Be sure to discuss these topics with your attorney:

  • Strong>Reason for seeking divorce: This could be due to an issue in your marriage, or a family dispute that cannot be resolved
  • Strong>Dividing the assets and property: It is always important to discuss a full disclosure of all individual and joint assets and property. This can help you and your lawyer prepare your case accordingly.
  • Strong>Spousal support: If you are the dependent spouse (you don’t work or you make less money), you should let your lawyer know how much you are seekingin support from your spouse. This includes showing your lawyer what the various expenses are for you and your children so that the lawyer has some idea of your lifestyle during the marriage.
  • Strong>Child custody and Timesharing: Your lawyer can help you understand your situation from a legal standpoint as it pertains to your children.
  • Strong>Child Support: The dependent partner is almost always eligible for child support.