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Infographic : FAQs Related to Boca Family Law

The info-graphic titled “FAQs related to Boca Family Law” provides information about the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) and what could be the grounds for a dissolution of marriage.

GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) is a person appointed to observe the parties and to work for a plan that is in the best interests of a child. The GAL then looks into the family situation and advises the court about issues related to the child’s living arrangement and the quality of life and supervision provided by each parent.

In all Florida counties, changing a namerequires legal proceeding. A person who wants to change his/her name must file a petition in court within the county in which he or she resides. This can be done when filing the petition or counter petition in the divorce proceedings.

To learn more about Boca Family Law and the grounds for a dissolution of marriage in Florida, please refer to the info-graphic.