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The 6 Most Common Reasons That Couples Get Divorced

Marriage is not easy. Even couples with the best of intentions get divorced. Marriage statistics state that approximately 70% of marriages are initiated by women, and approximately half of all couples get divorced.

The decision to get divorced is one of the toughest decision of one’s life; and it is one that very few want to make this choice. What causes separation among couples? Boca Raton divorce lawyers reveal some of the most common causes of divorce:

  • Too many arguments

People have high expectations from their partners in marriage and everyone wishes to lead a peaceful life with their partner. 56% of exes said that too much arguing and ego clashing were the main causes of their separation.

  • Infidelity

Cheating plays a significant role in the separation of many couples. When surveyed, infidelity was found to be the third most common reason for separation, and over 55% of couples agreed that they became divorced because they felt their partners were involved in an extramarital affair.

  • Marrying too young

Marrying too young was also found to be a common cause of divorce. It was found that nearly half of teenage marriages failed and turned into divorces.

  • Lack of commitment

When surveyed, approximately 73% of couples told that lack of commitment played a major role in the decision to divorce. 62% of exes agreed that they wished their spouses had worked harder to save their marriage.

  • Lack of equality

44% of divorced people surveyed revealed that they felt a lack of equality in their marriage which forced them to get out of the relationship.

  • Unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations from partners also played a major role in divorce. 45% of exes shared that they were fed up with their partner’s unrealistic expectations. It is necessary to appreciate and respect their differences rather than always complaining.

There are certainly many other reasons to get divorced, but the above mentioned are the most common. We always recommend to couples not to make any decision in a bad mood or anger and to think twice before taking such decisions.