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Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce in Boca

  • Conditions under which you can file for divorce

If a married couple in Boca is looking to file a divorce, at least one person should be a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida. Florida is a �no-fault� divorce state so neither spouse can prevent the divorce from occurring, but there are many issues, like alimony, child custody, child support and division of property, that must be resolved before the divorce can become final.

  • How to begin the divorce process

In Florida, divorce is also called �dissolution� of marriage. One partner has to file a petition for dissolution of marriage in the court to begin the divorce procedure and state in the divorce papers that at least one of the spouses has lived in Florida for the past six months.

  • Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony, also known as Spousal Support, is where one party provides financial support for the former spouse. A court may order alimony when it is �well founded�. Before ordering alimony, courts will look at many factors, including but not limited to financial stability of each party, length of the marriage, each party�s education and work experiences, and the age and health of each spouse.

  • Necessary financial documents

You will have to submit reports of your assets and liabilities in order to fairly divide them. Bank and brokerage statements, mortgage documents, copies of tax returns, and any other financial documents will be needed.

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