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Questions to Ask your Lawyer Regarding Child Custody and Timesharing

It can be difficult to separate from your spouse when children are involved. For both partners, it is important to know about all the aspects involved in the legal procedures of divorce, alimony, child support and custody & timesharing to safeguard your children’s future.

Here are some basic questions that one must ask the divorce attorney with reference to child custody and timesharing:

  • Ask your lawyer how child custody and time sharing is determined. Typically, no parent is considered the “primary” or “secondary” parent but it important to analyze which parent cannot devote more time to the children than the other parents and how to ensure the parent with less time still have a meaningful relationship with the children.
  • Get complete details about the kinds of child custody commonly used by the courts. There are generally two types of custody, sole parental responsibility and shared parental responsibility, but there are nuances to both that you need to explore with your attorney. Without very strong grounds why one spouse is unfit to parent the children, you will most likely have shared parental responsibility. Ask your attorney about ultimate authority over certain areas of the children’s lives, such as medical and educational needs and religious upbringing.
  • Ask about child support and what it involves. It is recommended to visit a lawyer specializing in divorce and family law. If you are in Florida, you should consider hiring a Florida child support lawyer. These lawyers focus on family law and are well aware of the nuances as it pertains to child support and custody.

The better understanding of the proceedings and make things easier for you.