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Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Once you have decided to hire a divorce lawyer, it is not wise to hire the first lawyer you meet. It is recommended that you do extensive research to find the best divorce lawyer in Boca Raton and ask the following questions to decide whether the lawyer is right for your case.

  • Ensure the lawyer specializes in divorce and other family law cases.
  • Ask questions regarding the strategy he or she would use for your divorce.
  • Ask how long it will typically take to resolve the divorce (meaning how long if the case settles and how long if the case goes to trial).
  • Ensure that he/she can take your calls when there is an emergency. Make sure to ask what qualifies as an emergency and when you can call if not an emergency.
  • Ask if there is anyone else in the office that can handle your case when the primary attorney is unavailable (i.e. other family law attorneys), and ask about the experience of these other people when handling divorce cases.

You can easily find Divorce Lawyers in Boca Raton with good online presence over the internet. Read the reviews and shortlist the ones that suit you best.