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How to Announce Your Divorce to Your Children

Announcing divorce to your child (or children) is one of the most difficult tasks for any parent. You might be worried about your child’s reaction and behavior toward your decision. Telling your child about your divorce is never easy or pleasant; however there are some tips that will help you to help them understand and accept the situation.

  • Do not tell all the details at once to your kids. Give them the most important information first and then give them time to understand and react.
  • Communicate the following important messages to your child:
  • Tell each child specifically that the situation is not his/her fault.
  • Make your child comfortable and tell each of them that they are still loved by both parents and both parents are still there for them.
  • Help them understand that, while the divorce is permanent, it doesn’t have anything to do with their behavior.
  • Listen to your children and make them feel safe to express their emotions.
  • A child psychologist may be helpful to address these concerns by a trained professional. You may want to ask your children if they would like to talk to a psychologist or counselor about their feelings.

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