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Infographic : What All Court Considers in the Case of Child Custody?

Child custody is certainly a serious issue for everyone. The couple who is opting for divorce usually head for child custody cases. However, terms and conditions for child custody are different for different places.

There are several factors that are looked upon by the court in the case of child custody. The factors are not just limited to:

  • The character and send of responsibility each parent has
  • The desire of the child, in case the child is of an adequate age can inform the court of what he or she wants
  • If a parent can provide stable home life to the child and can bear all the needs and requirements of the child
  • The amount of love and affection the child shares with the parents
  • The relationship of child with each and every member of a family
  • Any evidence of domestic violence
  • Materialistic needs of the child
  • How well the child can adjust in the environment that includes home, school and community
  • The mental and physical health of both the parents
  • The willingness of a parent to maintain a positive relationship between the child and other parent

Apart from all this, there is lot more that is kept in mind in the case of child custody. For more information, refer an info-graphic.