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How A Child Support Lawyer Can Help Parents

Searching for the best Florida child support lawyer for your case? If parents are separated due to divorce, one of them may receive primary custody of their child (although this is becoming less common). In other cases, the parents may not have been married and the child resides full-time with one parent. In many cases like these, the parent who is no longer living with the child may be required to pay child support. Child support is awarded to fulfill the child’s needs, including physical, emotional, and educational needs.

The most common factors on which the court determines child support include the income of each parent, child care costs, individual needs of the child, and custody arrangements. The assistance of a child support lawyer can be extremely useful in negotiating and calculating child support. Some of the advantages of hiring a child support lawyer in Florida include:

  • A child support lawyer can ensure that both parents� incomes has been fairly calculated.
  • A child support lawyer can protect you against paternity fraud.
  • Hiring a child support attorney will allow you to avoid directly dealing with the other party.
  • The lawyer will ensure that your child receives the right sum of money without delay.

Child support is a complicated issue; it is best resolved with the help of an experienced child support attorney.