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Changes in Child Custody

In recent years, the notion of custody has considerably evolved which clearly reflects the changing views of society about family and child rearing and the court itself.

In the past, custody was chiefly a matter of which parent had primary status and which parent had secondary status with respect to residency and childcare responsibility. Today, the focus remains on involving both the parents in the lives of their children as equally as possible; the idea of primary and secondary custody is considered obsolete.

Child custody is widely defined as the parenting, care and raising of a minor child. The child custody attorney in Boca Raton, as elsewhere, assists the parties in answering the following questions and designing a Parenting Plan based upon those answers:

  • Which parent had sole custody
  • Which parent had legal custody
  • Which parent had physical custody
  • Which parent was the primary residential parent
  • Which parent was the secondary residential parent
  • Which parent acted in the best interests of the child

It can be very difficult to involve another person in the raising of your children, but it is an inevitable part of divorce to do so. Therefore it is extremely important to find a Palm Beach Custody lawyer who understands the legal and technical aspects of time-sharing and appreciates the emotional aspects of custody.