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Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

Looking for the best prenuptial attorney in Boca Raton? A prenuptial agreement, also known as a premarital agreement, is a legal contract made between spouses before the wedding. This agreement allows a couple to set terms for the allotment of property and finances. Some of the common reasons for making a prenuptial agreement are mentioned below:

  • To keep finances separate: Personal or business assets acquired during marriage become a part of the marital estate. Even if you have assets before the marriage, the growth in value of those assets also can become a part of the marital estate. A prenuptial agreement is required to define whether and what property belongs to one spouse or is part of the marital estate.
  • To define property rights in the event of divorce: Prenuptial agreements make it easier to distribute certain property acquired during marriage in the event of divorce or death.
  • To distribute financial responsibilities during marriage: Prenuptial agreements help in making financial decisions that may arise during the marriage.

When selecting a prenuptial attorney in Boca Raton, it is necessary to hire two attorneys to represent each party separately in order to maintain the viability of your agreement. Also, it is important to find out all the necessary details about the attorneys including their background and experience in dealing with prenuptial agreements.