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What Are Properties Of A Valid Florida Parenting Plan?

Even children living primarily with one parent require the full attention and support of both parents to help them live without undue stress and to develop into responsible, well-adjusted adults. This kind of attention entails the extensive planning required by Florida law.

When developing a parenting plan, parents need to address every conceivable issue in the lives of their children. The parenting plan instructions and form developed by the Florida Supreme Court address detailed issues, such as:

  • Parental responsibility and decision making: Includes responsibilities associated with day-to-day decisions and even extra-curricular activities
  • Information sharing: Includes access to medical and school records and authority to confer with individuals responsible for school, daycare and healthcare
  • Scheduling: For all children together, or on an individual basis during the school year and academic breaks and requirements for requesting scheduling changes
  • Time-sharing schedule: During weekdays and weekends, as well as for birthdays and each holiday, including seasonal breaks and overnight visits
  • Transportation and exchange of children: Describes which parent provides transportation or pays associated costs and requirements for readying children for pickup

In fact, this list only covers a small part of the total requirements. Parenting plans also address such issues as how parents communicate with each other without involving the children, the process for modifying any of the terms of the plan and handling disputes and other provisions. Parents in the throes of marital conflict that lead to divorce often do not have the ability to negotiate these details without help from dedicated Florida divorce lawyers who have a clear understanding of the reasoning behind the laws.

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