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What Happens When My Older Children Want To Set Schedules Outside The Plan Approved During FL Divorce?

If you look back on your childhood, you remember that children grow and learn by expanding the boundaries of control set forth by their parents. Flexibility helps your children become responsible adults. However, Florida law holds both parents accountable for following the provisions of the parenting plan approved by the courts during the divorce process.

Parents who have already gone through the divorce process know the courts require them to develop a parenting plan that details provisions pertaining to virtually every aspect of the lives of their children. Unfortunately, Florida divorce law has no provisions to address the issues imposed by children as they get older, such as:

  • Participation in extracurricular activities at school wreaks havoc on the visitation schedule, and the related activities do not present predicable dates and times to make changes to the parenting plan.
  • Older children want to be available to participate in social activities with friends, often at a moment’s notice.
  • School and various club trips can arise that take children away from supervision by either parent, sometimes for an extended time period.

The Florida parenting plan contains certain provisions that allow parents to make temporary changes informally, as long as they both agree. However, if you need to make substantial changes, you need the help of an experienced Boca Raton child custody attorney who can help you file a supplemental petition for modification that must be reviewed and approved by the courts.

Long after they reach adulthood, children continue to need advice and support from their parents. However, as younger children mature, parents need to relinquish some control so their children can learn to thrive.

At the Boca Raton law firm of Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L., we understand that each of your children has specific developmental needs. We explore all legal avenues to help ensure they continue to have meaningful contact with both parents while enjoying the increase in flexibility they need.