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Spring is in the air, which means… its Pre-Nuptial Season

Simply put, Pre-Nuptials provide Legal and Emotional Protection for First and Second Marriages

Love is in the air, and so also is the season for weddings.

As a long time practitioner of family law, I find it stunning how many people get married for a second time without considering a prenuptial, especially where there will be blended families. It’s very simple – if you’re getting married for a second time, and you have an existing family, and existing assets, you need to consider planning ahead for the unlikely chance of a divorce and to consider succession planning in the event of an untimely death.

While prenups are often associated with lavish lifestyles, don’t be fooled. Prenups not only address accumulated wealth, but also the needs of your children that need to be protected under changing legal circumstances.

For example, how can you raise and support children from a prior marriage, while possibly paying alimony to a second spouse? If you’ve been divorced before, how does child support you are paying for children from your first marriage impact child support you may pay for children from a second marriage. If you children are grown, do you want your lifetime of savings to be inherited more by a second spouse than by your adult children. Second marriages often last less time than first marriages.

I recommend a prenup before a second marriage because it can give the new couple and their families’ peace of mind and avoid expensive legal costs later on.

A prenup defines each partner’s assets from the first marriage while also defining the distribution of future assets both in the event of death and in the event of divorce.

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