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Florida Legislature Decision Signals Time-Sharing Reform in Near Future

Florida already has some of the country’s toughest Child Custody laws. Once a divorce is finalized, Florida law dictates that one parent cannot deprive the other custody sharing parent of his or her rights. The Florida Legislature appears to be heading towards even tougher child custody laws.

Recent revisions to child custody and alimony laws were vetoed by Florida Governor Rick Scott, despite overwhelming support in both houses of the state legislature. Family Law attorney, Joel H. Feldman of Boca-based firm Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L. believes, “This is only a temporary reprieve and I expect the next legislative session to take up the issues of timesharing reform.”

By vetoing the bill, the law is left intact that there is no presumption for or against 50/50 timesharing with minor children. Had the bill passed, it would have created such a presumption and forced the parent seeking more than 50% of the time to meet a very high burden of proof to justify something other than an equal split. In view of this pending legislation, “It is particularly important divorcing parents to work with an attorney to develop a timesharing plan going forward for the minor child’s future, not just the next five years.” warns Feldman.

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