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Florida Legislature Decision Signals Alimony Reform in Near Future

Recent revisions to the alimony laws were vetoed by Florida Governor Rick Scott, despite overwhelming support in both houses of the state legislature. Family Law attorney, Joel H. Feldman of Boca-based firm Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L. believes, “This is only a temporary reprieve, and I expect the next legislative session to take up the issues again and that alimony reform is definitely on the way.”

Governor Scott objected to provisions that would have made the changes in alimony retroactive, thereby affecting cases already tried or settled. The Governor was concerned that the revisions would result in former spouses who were not in the workforce and who depend on alimony payments becoming dependent on welfare and food stamps – putting even more pressure on Florida’s ballooning welfare budget.

Feldman believes that the Florida Legislature has demonstrated that it is looking to

reform alimony by eliminating permanent alimony and capping alimony at one-half the length of the marriage. It is also looking to put caps on the amount a spouse can receive in alimony based upon a percentage of the paying spouse’s gross earnings from employment. “Thus, the days of the stay-at-home Mom are coming to an end, and it is important for women, in particular, to pursue their education and to gain work experience both before and after having children since the husband’s alimony obligation is being seriously eroded,” warns Feldman.

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