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How is Spousal Support Determined?

Once referred to as alimony, spousal support is the payment of money by one spouse to the other following divorce. During divorce proceedings, spousal support must be decided before child support. While this payment used to be routinely awarded to the wife, today either spouse may be expected to make these payments, regardless of gender. A Boca Raton spousal support lawyer can explain all of the factors that influence the amount, duration and taxability or deductibility of these payments.

Spousal support is usually tailored to the unique circumstances of each divorcing couple, including the following factors:

  • The respective incomes and earning abilities of each party
  • Length of the marriage
  • If one spouse stayed at home to care for children or aging parents
  • Whether one spouse worked while the other pursued higher education or professional degrees
  • Health problems or disabilities that prevent a spouse from working
  • The amount of education or training the lower-earning spouse will need to find better paying employment

Some people may deserve a monthly payment based upon the long duration of their marriage, while others may only need money to bridge the gap until they can find new employment or living arrangements. Boca Raton spousal support law firms can be your advocates, pushing for a fair spousal support payment for whatever duration you require.

The divorce lawyers at Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L. are committed to obtaining appropriate spousal support agreements for our clients. Fair spousal support and child support payments will give you peace of mind that you can continue to take care of yourself, your children and your home.