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Pre-Nuptial Agreements Are Not Just for Celebrities

Pre-Nuptial Agreements Are Not Just for Celebrities
They Provide Legal and Emotional Protection for First and Second Marriages
Advises Boca Raton Family Law Attorney Audrey Schneiderman

February is the height of Film and Television Awards season and as usual media attention is focused on the make-ups and break ups of celebrity couples. News of celebrity Pre-Nuptial Agreements (prenups) or lack of one them, fills the gossip columns and celebrity blogs. But prenups are no longer just for celebrities says Audrey Schneiderman, a founding partner at Boca Raton Family Law firm Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L. (insert web link)

“The financial and legal position of those entering into second marriages in particular is usually very different from that of first marriages,” says Audrey Schneiderman. “A prenup will address accumulated wealth and children that need to be protected under changing legal circumstances,” Schneiderman adds.

Signing a prenup before a second marriage can give the new couple and their families’ peace of mind and avoid expensive legal costs later on. A prenup defines each partner’s assets from the first marriage and defines the distribution of future assets both in the event of death and in the event of divorce.

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