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Changes to Child Custody Agreements Are Hard Won in Florida

Changes to Child Custody Agreements Are Hard Won in Florida
Parents Need to Prepare For a Tough Fight in the Sunshine State
Warns Boca Raton Family Law Attorney Audrey Schneiderman

Many families move to Florida to start new jobs and new lives. But when marriages end in divorce, parents can face a tough legal fight for custody of their children if they want to move out of state, even to as little as 50 miles away, warns Audrey Schneiderman, a founding partner at Boca Raton Family Law firm Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L.

Florida has some of the Country’s toughest Child Custody laws. Once a divorce is finalized it is extremely difficult for parents to change a child’s location. Florida law dictates that one parent cannot deprive the other parent of his or her timesharing rights. Schneiderman advises clients to examine the stringent criteria required to change custody agreements before accepting tempting job offers. “You will have to prove to a judge that it is virtually impossible for you and your child to remain in the current location,” she says.

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