The division of marital assets and liabilities is a critically important part of the divorce process. It is natural to be concerned about receiving a fair resolution of your property rights. It is natural to be concerned that you either receive your fair share of alimony and child support or that you are not required to pay unreasonably high amounts. At Feldman & Schneiderman, P.L., we have over 50 combined years of experience obtaining fair distribution of marital property for our clients, reasonable types and amounts of alimony and child support that fairly account for each party’s income, and timesharing with the children. We are also skilled in estate planning and the handling of retirement accounts. You can rest assured that we will help you make the right decisions.

Additionally, divorce mediation builds on the premise that divorce is not just a legal event, but also an emotional one. It provides a safe context for constructive problem-solving by the divorcing parties and is designed to help develop positive post-divorce family relationships. Research shows that the satisfaction rate for mediated divorce agreements is much higher than for agreements imposed by a court.