Regarding Parental Alienation

Divorce is emotionally, especially when children are involved. When living together and raising children as a couple is not possible, divorce can become even more stressful, not only for parents, but also for their children. If you are facing a divorce, it is important that your children are not affected by parental alienation. Continue reading Regarding Parental Alienation

What Are the Expenses Involved in a Divorce?

When a couple decides to get divorced, one of the foremost questions that comes to mind is the financial costs of getting a divorce. Divorce is a decision that not only changes your marital status, but also changes your financial situation. Generally, the overall cost of a divorce depends on various factors, such as whether you separate or not before the divorce is final, whether your spouse is combative, how many issues you will need to resolve, and the divorce lawyer you hire. Continue reading What Are the Expenses Involved in a Divorce?