• The Importance of a Prenup

    December 5, 2017

    Imagine you own a successful business. Imagine that you remarry after your spouse of many years passes away. Imagine you continue to be successful in your business after you remarried but you are unsuccessful in that marriage and want to get divorced. Now imagine that the value of your company rose significantly during what is only a short second and unhappy marriage. (more…)

  • Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

    June 24, 2016

    Looking for the best prenuptial attorney in Boca Raton? A prenuptial agreement, also known as a premarital agreement, is a legal contract made between spouses before the wedding. This agreement allows a couple to set terms for the allotment of property and finances. Some of the common reasons for making a prenuptial agreement are mentioned below: To keep finances separate: Personal or business assets acquired during marriage become a part of the marital estate. Even if you have assets before the marriage, the growth in value of those assets also can become a part of the marital estate. A prenuptial agreement is required to define whether and what property belongs to one spouse or is part of the marital estate. To define prope

  • Why Is It A Good Idea To Have A Prenuptial Agreement?

    April 28, 2016

    Marriage is said to be a permanent affair, but more than half of first marriages in the US end in divorce. The divorce rate is even higher for second marriages. At the time of a wedding, divorce is the last thing on anyone’s mind. The unfortunate reality is that there is a chance that couples will experience the unpleasantness of divorce. This emotionally challenging procedure can be eased with a Prenuptial Agreement. In addition, often in second marriages, the parties each have children from prior marriages. Each wants to preserve inheritances for those children and avoid possible conflict between the new spouse and those children after one of the spouses dies. Most divorce lawyers agree with the advantages associated with a